Late in 2017 following the collapse of a tower crane on a residential complex in Wolli Creek, Sydney, Bellmont Engineering were engaged to assess the damage caused to an adjacent property, and to manage the remedial work.

Partial delicate demolition was necessary prior to removal of the damaged parapet framing and cladding to expose the roof slab.

Chemical resins, injection repair systems, membranes, concrete repair mortars have been required for the structural and waterproofing works. As these works are progressing, the installation of the structural members of the façade has also commenced and once completed, will then allow for the façade cladding to be installed.

The incidence of the collapse and the necessary remedial works highlight the necessity to ensure that crane operators and contractors carefully secure their rigs to manage the risk of failure.

This example coupled with another in Broadway earlier that year demonstrate that even the most experienced and qualified contractors are susceptible to compromise.

To learn more about the risks associated with such damage and ways to mitigate loss that may follow, please do not hesitate to contact us.