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The team at HBA Lawyers specialise in the following areas of building and construction law:

  • Building and construction contracts
  • Project due diligence
  • Planning
  • Contract administration
  • Dispute resolution
  • Progress claims
  • Variations, latent conditions, extensions of time and liquidated damages claims

Whether it is a bathroom build, new build, renovation, development, sub-division, strata or a highway, school, factory or farm, our team has experience in assisting in all of these areas.

We regularly undertake the following work for our clients:

  • Tender documents
  • Drafting bespoke contracts
  • Amending Australian Standard, MBA, HIA, GC and other contracts.

The decades of experience in building and construction disputes have focused on Building and Construction Industry Security of Payment Act (NSW) 1999, Home Building Act (NSW) 1989, Strata Schemes Management Act (NSW) 1996, Real Property Act (NSW) 1900 and Conveyancing Act (NSW) 1919.

We also are experienced in professional negligence claims, insofar as they involve architects, engineers, or other consultants.

Security of Payments (SOPA)

Ziv Ben-Arie and his team have more than a decade in experience in dealing with the Building and Construction Industry Security of Payment Act NSW 1999. In particular, last minute claims and adjudication applications or responses.

Our team has not only the legal but also technical know-how in responding to claims effectively and have a high success rate in either succeeding in making claims or defending them. With several supreme court judgements in this specialised area for over more than 12 years, our team is available at any time to assist you with claims ranging from $1,000 to more than $25,000,000.

Our network of experts, barristers as well as our association with various nominating authorities places us in good stead to assist you in any security of payments (SOPA) claims across Australia.